About Polkadot Cute

Polkadot Cute is a small, web based, indie boutique that specializes in cute & sometimes creepy (but still very cute!) characters and goods inspired by Japanese Pop Culture♥

We have something for everyone who loves anything cute! From our subtle, but sweet rings to our bold and obnoxious bows.

Everything in Pcute was illustrated and sometimes hand constructed by our artist, Pijenn! That's right, when you shop Pcute you really are shopping small. Nothing here was mass produced in a factory, but carefully made in small quantities to ensure durability. Due to the handmade nature of certain products, some items may look slightly different
Since Pcute's debut in 2011, Pijenn has constantly sought ways to grow and improve the brand into what it is today! Which is why were proud to present our small gallery of past Pcute booths as a reminder to anyone that 'we all start somewhere!"