Ringo Zonbi Button

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Ringo the Raccoon use to be just as cute and sweet as all the other animals until one fateful day ended his life...or so we thought. Ringo reanimated a few moments later as a grotesque walking corpse of his former self.
Still determined to not be viewed as a monster, Ringo wears an apple over his head and a t-shirt to cover up the part of his body that received the most damage. He can only commute by saying "Uryaa"
Ringo's favorite food is green apples and his best friend is Pachikuma!
Buttons add juuuust the right amount of style and personality to your favorite bag, hat, jacket, or lanyard. Just stick them on and go!
Our 1.5" buttons are the perfect size for trading with friends or hoarding them all to yourself!
Each button features one of our super adorable illustrations with a glossy finish and spring loaded steel pin back.